JPS Vacation rentals is currently closed due to the mass devastation hurricane Ian brought to our island. We have no beach properties available at this time. We will update more when we can. If you would like to help out, please consider donating to our Go Fund Me so that our employees who lost everything may have some hope of moving forward. We are working on refunds for any deposits/payments that have been made. We will get these done as soon as possible given the current circumstances.

Want to help? This Amazon wish list will help the islanders rebuild. All items go directly to the people of Fort Myers Beach. Click on the Amazon box to be taken to the Rebuild FMB wish list.

fort myers beach:
ian may have tried to destroy us, but we will rise again. we are resilient. we are #fmbstrong.



Our Mission

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to providing urgently needed resources to individuals most impacted by Hurricane Ian. We accept physical donations at our facility located at 820 Buttonwood Drive in addition to monetary donations using the "Donate Here" buttons located throughout the site. Additionally, on the site you may sign up to volunteer.

Stay in the loop of everything happening on Fort Myers Beach thanks to Ed & Kim Ryan and their #YellowArmy. They have been our source of information and have been spear heading relief efforts for the beach. You can tune into the Beach Talk Radio Facebook page every day at 6pm for their daily update podcast.